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Sports Hypnosis for peak performance and improvement


Sports Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for performance enhancement

Football, golf, athletics, tennis, rugby, boxing, cricket, bodybuilding, gymnastics, mma, track and field, what's your game?

Whatever your level of participation is, whether it is as a professional, amateur or just for fun, your performance could be enhanced by seeing Dave Sabat, Clinical Hypnotherapist, who could help you improve your game. Let's be honest about this everyone, including you, has the ability to be the best you can be.

Seeing a good, skilled, professional Sports Hypnotist, like Dave, could enhance your game or performance dramatically for the better. You've probably tried or at least read about visualisation techniques, guided imagery, NLP, positive thinking etc. but good, professional hypnotherapy makes all of these techniques seem very weak by comparison and, if any of these have been successful for you, imagine what it would be like to get the benefits much more powerfully and effectively? Hypnosis is like rocket-fuelled mental rehearsal.

One of the many beneficial aspects of seeing a Hypnotist like Dave is that any restrictive beliefs such as "It's only a game", "Competing is all that matters", "It's the taking part that counts" or "I'll never be good enough to win" are brought into awareness, recognised and then released therefore allowing you to surprise and amaze yourself at what YOU can actually achieve. Many other performance and enhancement techniques fail to even address these vital thought processes.

Many famous sportsmen and sportswomen have used the services of a Sports Hypnotherapist to achieve outstanding results:

**  In 1973 boxer Ken Norton used hypnosis training before he broke the jaw of his opponent and won his bout. His opponent was             Mohammed Ali.

**  In 1996 boxer Steve Collins used hypnosis before his World Title fight against Chris Eubank. The focus was to throw two punches for every one of Eubank's. In the bout Chris Eubank threw over 300 punches, Steve Collins threw over 600. Steve Collins won the belt.

**  In 1956, the Russian Olympic team took 11 hypnotists with them. Russia won more medals than any other nation, topping the final medal table.

**  There are many examples of famous golfers, tennis players and athletes crediting their success to hypnosis.

Neale Cranwell Mr Universe Hypnosis

“I have been bodybuilding competitively for over 10 years and have trained every muscle in the body in order to win my recent Mr Universe and Mr World Titles, but I have never trained my mind until meeting David Sabat. I had been highly recommended seeing David by another sports person and whats fantastic results I have had! I have refound vigour and energy towards not only my sport of bodybuilding but also in my life. The drive and focus I have towards my goals and dieting is as fantastic as it was when I first started out! Since seeing David my personal bests have all increased in the gym and my mindset is so positive I cannot thank him enough! I highly recommend anyone interested in achieving their very best in life that they see David Sabat”

Neale Cranwell - Mr Universe, Mr World & World Class Bodybuilder (Krunch Gym)

Neale Cranwell Bodybuilder Hypnotherapy

Complete confidentiality is the starting point for any improvement work that you do with Dave. Confidentiality means that it will never be spoken about to anyone. Many people have said that working with Dave is like their "secret weapon" and that they don't want to reveal the secret to anyone else! Others recommend Dave through word of mouth to their friends, colleagues and fellow sportsmen and others are so impressed by the results that they are happy to submit a testimonial. The level of confidentiality is your choice.

You've invested in your kit, boots, rackets, clubs, membership etc. Isn't it time you invested in the most important aspect of sports participation, your mindset, beliefs and attitude?

Whether you are a professional or you play for fun at the weekend with your pals, you could learn techniques that you can take away from the sessions and could last a lifetime to ensure that not only do you perform at a higher level but you enjoy your sport even more. How about investing in yourself for a change?

To find out how Dave Sabat DCH DHP could help you call now on 01923 243 500 (direct line).

Sports Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for peak performance and improvement

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