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Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Hypnosis Training

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis for Pain Management. The next one-day course is TBC.

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

On the 18th December 2012 a para-umbilical hernia repair was carried out at Watford General Hospital as part of the normal NHS routine. The thing that made this different was that it was Dave Sabat being operated on and he didn’t have any drugs. No general or local anaesthetic, not even an aspirin in recovery. The procedure was a complete success. The only pain management involved was managing the mental process of what was happening. The consultant commented afterwards that Dave's blood pressure and heart rate was lower than his throughout the procedure!


Hypnotherapy is not in itself a medically diagnostic technique so it is VITAL that any of your clients wishing to learn pain management from you after this course must have seen a medical professional beforehand. This training day is not about holding your hand over someone's belly and telling them what's wrong with them, it's about helping people who know the physical source of their pain manage it. This training day is best suited for those hypnotherapists already in professional practice.

You will learn:

* How the mind can be trained to manage pain with most medical or dental procedures

* How to effectively use the distraction method to help people with injections or blood tests

* How to effectively use the clients belief in themselves to manage pain

* How to know whether your client can do it themselves or that they need your help all the way

* How to recognise when it is best to shake your client's hand, wish them well, and tell them that you can't help

* How to teach self-hypnosis to your client so that they achieve great natural depths of analgesia or anaesthesia

* How to help people who don't have a real fear or phobia prepare themselves better for medical or dental visits

* Help your clients amaze themselves when they undergo dental or medical procedures that previously caused them blind panic!

You will learn the exact techniques that Dave Sabat used to prepare himself and go through with the successful hernia operation which was drug free, be able to manage pain yourself and help your clients to achieve things that they previously thought they couldn't!

The next one-day course is TBC.



Next training date TBC (6.5 hours of CPD). Limited places available.


Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis for Pain Management

Please pay by PayPal and in the comments section state the training date and course title along with your name and phone number. Hope to see you there!

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management Hypnosis.

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