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Please note that in the interest of client confidentiality, no names are attributed to any of the following (unless specifically requested) and full permission to reproduce the letters or emails has been obtained for these testimonials to comply will all Advertising Standards Authority Guidelines and Codes. The following are extracts from, or full, testimonials.

This is what others, just like you, have said;

Mr Universe Sports Hypnosis

“I have been bodybuilding competitively for over 10 years and have trained every muscle in the body in order to win my recent Mr Universe and Mr World Titles, but I have never trained my mind until meeting David Sabat. I had been highly recommended seeing David by another sports person and whats fantastic results I have had! I have refound vigour and energy towards not only my sport of bodybuilding but also in my life. The drive and focus I have towards my goals and dieting is as fantastic as it was when I first started out! Since seeing David my personal bests have all increased in the gym and my mindset is so positive I cannot thank him enough! I highly recommend anyone interested in achieving their very best in life that they see David Sabat”

Neale Cranwell - Winner of the Mr Universe & Mr World titles. Owner of Krunch Gym.

Neale Cranwell Bodybuilder Motivation

Professional football goalkeeper Richard Lee talks with Dave Sabat about the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for sports improvement.

Richard runs a goalkeeper training site, feel free to click on the link www.gkicon.com

This is what others, just like you, have said;


Hypnosis September 2009 to help me give up smoking. I have not smoked a cigarette since that date - I had no side effects. It was the best £250 I have ever spent.


Having lost my mother in tragic circumstances, Dave showed me ways to grieve, to remember, to take strength and look to the future.

Thank you.


Hi Dave,

I had my appointment at the dentist today and for the first time in ages I was able to cope and have the full amount of treatment. For years I used to stress about going but now it's not the most exciting trip but I feel more happy about going because I want to look out for the future. You will be glad to know that I only have one more trip back thanks to you.

The things you said to me and showed me really sunk in and had a great effect. My "technique" really and truly worked.

Funnily, my mum is now saving up because she needs your help! I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Thank you soo much.

(This lovely letter was from a 13yr old girl, accompanied by her mum during the one session she saw me)


After many years of not being able to release the anger that I felt about incidences in my childhood, with session 1 and 2 I found myself able to revisit that period of my life without being dragged into that anger and resentment and not feel the hurt and associated pain. Definitely FREEDOM!

I feel free not to regard everyone with suspicion and to be my true self once again. What a weight that has lifted off my shoulders. In addition, I am so much more at peace; I have found my voice at last.


I was sceptical about being hypnotised but found the whole experience comfortable. I have now lost a stone and a half, which is the weight I wanted to lose, and it has stayed off!

I do not eat any of the items we discussed and do not have any problem resisting them, I have also greatly moderated my alcohol intake.

I have recommended you to friends and would not hesitate in returning for further treatment with any other problem that I might want to correct.

Many thanks.


Thank you very much Dave! You have helped me to get over my anxiety and I haven't had any problems at work. In addition, I have been able to go out with friends and enjoy myself again.


Following a sudden physical trauma when my Mum was hospitalised, she suffered physically and psychologically. She went from being a social, outgoing woman who enjoyed her bingo & always went to church, to becoming afraid of being alone & not happy to go out, generally incredibly anxious and unhappy with her situation.

After reading an article about Exuberance & Dave Sabat's hypnotherapy (even though I was a little sceptical) I asked my mum if she would be prepared to give it a go. She said "yes, I will try anything". The rest is history.

She saw Dave three times and she was the mum she had always been. Two years down the line and there is no stopping her. 85 years old and out at the bingo & back to church!

Thank you Dave from all of us.


I came to see you over a year ago for a one-off weight loss session as I was not happy with my size but my big problem was picking & snacking on chocolate bars.

It was brilliant! Straight after my session I felt different and it was a joy to see the difference. Now, a year on, and I am my perfect weight, shape and size and it's still so easy. I have three meals a day and if I am hungry between I still have fruit. I drink loads of water and feel great with lots more energy.

Thank you and I have given your number to lots of people.


Before I came to see Dave I was terrified by spiders, I would be "frozen to the spot" and unable to deal with them or get rid of them. It had become a real problem as I'd just moved into a new house which seemed to be overrun by them.

Dave listened and was extremely helpful. After seeing him I felt amazing. Now, whenever I see a spider, I know I can deal with it calmly and confidently. I am no longer terrified by them and have been able to get close to them and dispose of them in a way I never would have been able to before.


Hi Dave. I definitely found hypnotherapy extremely beneficial and noticed an immediate increase in my energy levels and improvement in my general well-being.

Keep up the good work.


Before I came to see you I was feeling very low, withdrawn, my relationship had ended and basically thought my life had ended.

Coming to see you the few times I did helped me so much, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, hypnotherapy kind of put things in perspective for me. What you did was fantastic, thank you.

p.s. I'm now happy, confident and I have such a positive outlook on life.



I just wanted to say a huge, belated thank-you for the help you gave me regarding my anxious state and the fear I previously felt about long haul flying.

I have now booked that trip to Alaska (something which I had never quite been able to bring myself to do in the past, but found plenty of excuses not to!)

I am looking forward to it immensely. Thank you for opening up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I am truly grateful.


Hello Dave,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but to be honest life has been pretty busy and brill since my treatment with you.

After having a fear of closed in spaces and even general situations that I couldn't get out of, after three sessions with you I finally feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, even something as simple as getting on a train!

I have been up to London on the train with my friends and on my own for nights out and driven on motorways. I really feel like my life is back and I'm finally getting back to how I used to be.

I know to most people a fear of trains and motorways may seem a bit silly but you never realise how it changes you till you can't do it. But now I can!!!

The self hypno is fab and really helps.

Thanks Dave.


Hi Dave,

Massive changes in eating habit that kicked in immediately. Chocolate is disgusting! I have tried eating it but did not enjoy the taste at all. Have cravings for fruit, veg and water. Over a period of 3 months or so lost just over 2 stone without dieting - just eating smaller portions and, of course, no choc.

Many thanks and regards.


Thank you so much for all the help, support and guidance that you have given me over the 3 weeks I came to see you. No words can explain how good it feels to finally be able to get on with my life. I came to see you regarding stress and anger and within one session you had accomplished why this was. Now I've experienced no anger, stress or the ability to not open up.

I am now more confident, happy and am able to open up to people. Many thanks for all your help.


Thank you for being instrumental in my success. Ever since my hypnotherapy session I have never thought of smoking, as though I have not smoked ever.

It's the best investment I ever made, as I had tried other methods which were, needless to say, unsuccessful. Thank you once again and I do hope to continue in my success.

Having been a heavy smoker I strongly recommend this form of treatment as I never thought anyone would be able to help me. I can without doubt say that, after one year, I feel confident that I consider myself a non-smoker!


Hi Dave,

You may remember that I came to see you for food related issues / weight loss a few months ago?

I have to say that since then, my life has changed for the better so much. It is only now that I realise how much of a shadow food cast over everything I did and the choices I made. Now, I honestly feel that I am free. As simple as it sounds, the best way I can describe it is that food is just not an issue with me any more. To be able to say that after such a long time, really is a massive statement of success.

I have lost just over a stone which is great but the real satisfaction has come from being able to see everything directly rather than through "food obsessed" eyes, if that makes sense? My relationship has even improved (not that there were huge problems) in that if my partner says "Do you fancy going out to eat tonight?", my entire thought process now is "would I like to go out to eat tonight?" rather than "oh my God, that's going to wreck all my hard work, I look obese and awful etc. etc. etc." Now I make my decisions based on whether I would ENJOY doing something, not on what impact it will have on my weight and, more importantly, on my perception of myself.

I think so far you should also have seen my sister, my friend and have a booking for a colleague, see, that's how much I rave about what you did for me!

Thank you so much, what you've done is wonderful!


Dear Dave,

When I first came to you for help with our 12 year old son Peter I, as was my sceptical husband, were at the end of our tether. We had tried everything we could think of to help him control his temper and volatile behaviour. He was on his final warning at school for his constant disruption and animosity towards the teachers and the headmaster himself. He'd had tests for food allergies, cranial massage, and child psychology to name a few. We'd even been on a parenting course to try and understand child and teenage behaviour. I will not say that none of this was successful as some of it was.

Still he was determined to have his own way and would become violent when confronted with the word "NO". When playing on a computer game, if he did not win he would become aggressive and throw things around, smash holes in doors and walls and on a couple of occasions assaulted his father and became physical towards me and our elder son.

To begin with I didn't think Peter would be willing to come and see you. I'd told him we were going to talk and if he didn't wish to continue then he would not be pressurised into going. After the initial consultation he was more than willing to continue. Immediately after the first full session he was a totally different person. He was calm, responsive and pleasant. The following day we found he was tired and could not get him out of bed, similarly the next day. On the third day he threw a tantrum and attacked his father.

We came for his second session and you told him categorically that if you heard that he had been aggressive again you would not work with him. The second session was completed and again he was calm. That weekend he was better but still tired and tetchy. After the third session he was much more responsive to us as parents, his school life was happier and his self-esteem had grown. The fourth session seemed to seal it. We have found that he accepts the word "NO" more easily, is more receptive and we can now have a decent conversation with him without him becoming aggressive and walking away.

We went to the child psychologist yesterday for a follow up observation session and the consensus was that we seemed to be much calmer and positive. Peter was able to say why this was and concluded that being able to talk and express himself freely with you had helped him immensely.

We would like to thank you for all your help in showing Peter that he can be in control of his emotions in a positive way and deal with his frustrations calmly and sensibly. We understand that there are still a few issues that we need to work on but life is more tolerable now than at any other time.

We hope that this continues to be an ongoing thing, as we would hate to revert back to the same nightmare as in the past. I personally think that we have broken the circle of frustration, anger and aggression and are now on a straight course for a much better and calmer future.

Thank you very, very much.


It has been 2 weeks since I came to see you and although I have only lost 4lbs so far, it has been very easy to eat less at each meal. I have not craved chocolate or cakes and not wanted any take-aways, eating in a much more healthy way.

I feel confident that I am going to reach my goal weight and am totally in control of my eating habits, having lost the feeling that food controls me.

I would recommend a visit to you to anyone who wants to get food back to where it should be in life and therefore be able to start to lose weight. Thanks.


Hi Dave,

You helped me recently with my fear of sleeping alone in the house, and also stress/worry, and I wanted to tell you how fantastic things are going for me.

I have stayed alone at my boyfriend's home and mine. I have to do a bit of self-hypnosis to calm my nerves, but all my worries are sailing away in the ship I offload them into in my special place.

I am so calm at work; even to me it is unbelievable. I take each hour as it comes and I am no longer worrying over stupid things. Even my blood pressure has lowered. I have gained confidence which I never knew existed and am sleeping through the night. I have trust in the things that I am doing and don't worry that I have done something wrong. I now have the confidence to know that I am clever enough to have done them correctly.

I want to thank you for all your time and help; I would recommend you to anyone.

You're the best!


Hi Dave,

Just to let you know the hypnotherapy worked a treat - didn't have any withdrawal symptoms at all. It kind of didn't enter my head to have a cigarette, and the longer time goes by the less I think about smoking. Two weeks today and I've been stopped!

Many, many thanks.


I was delighted and amazed at how effective the weight loss session was.  In the first week I lost 4lbs and also recently went on an all inclusive holiday and did not put on 1lb!



Before I had the hypnotherapy I felt quite anxious, however, for the first 2 days after the session for giving up smoking I was quite angry and irritable but after that I felt absolutely fine and it felt good to be a non-smoker. Over 18 months later I still am.


Just to let you know that my sleeping has greatly improved since visiting you last year. I had sleep problems due to various issues which we sorted out with hypnotherapy.

I am now, I am glad to say, a much calmer and happier person. Some nights I sleep better than others, occasionally having a disturbed night, but overall there is a big improvement.

Many thanks, Dave, for your help and patience.


I found myself surprised at how effective the treatment was. I felt relaxed and happy afterwards for a couple of days. I have not smoked and would be surprised if I ever smoked again. I cannot imagine myself smoking.

I have recommended you to everyone I think could benefit.


Hi Dave,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. You really helped me to achieve the right mindset with my weight issues.  I truly believe I can now achieve the body shape I desire and, in fact, I have lost 5lbs since Monday (4 days ago) which to me is incredible. It really has been effortless and I am not hungry at all. Food does not consume my thoughts at all. I feel totally in control whereas before, food controlled me.

I have recommended you to two friends with weight issues but I shall also bear you in mind with regard to other issues that you can help with.

Thanks Dave. Be happy, I am!


Hi Dave,

I wanted to offer a testimonial for your website.

I came to see you with a list of what I called being "super stressed". My life felt totally out of balance including a distinct inability to sleep at night.

After our first session, I felt such an enormous impact, felling elated, more positive and most importantly I slept! I cannot stress how much I appreciated that alone.

With a few additional sessions, I now have an entirely different mindset to the way I approach my life, my work and how I want to be. It's now been 3 months since that first session and I continue to turn my life around.

Dave, thanks for the lasting changes you have helped me to create for myself.


Dear Dave,

I would like to say a big thank you for helping me to make positive changes towards my attitude to food and weight loss. I have, for many years, sought comfort from food and because of this have gained weight.

I now know that I am in control of what I eat and when I eat it therefore will achieve reaching my ideal weight and size.

This hypnotherapy has helped me in losing weight and will continue to do so.


Hi Dave,

Just a big thank you from me and my family.

I was always doubtful if hypnosis would work or not, even up to the point I walked through your door. That said it's now been 15 weeks since my last cigarette, I feel better and have told lots of my friends about the service you provide. I only hope that they get in touch with you.

All the very best.


Hi Dave

Just wanted to say its now 2 weeks since my first appointment with you and I have lost 10lbs. I lost 6lb in the first week alone which was really motivating!

As you promised it doesn't feel like a diet - I don't ever feel hungry or tempted to snack between meals and can go into Starbucks and just buy a Coffee without even having the slightest desire for cake!!

The best thing of all is my craving for fresh fruit, veg and salads and my food cupboards are now stocked with much more healthy food which can only benefit the kids!

Will recommend you to everyone!

Many Thanks


Morning Dave

I came to see you 2 weeks ago to help me stop smoking. I just thought you'd like to know how I was doing... I came out of the session feeling on top of the world; it's amazing how good it made me feel. I went home and wrote a killer job application. I had the interview yesterday and they phoned me last night to say I got the job!

I have also taken up running and am signing up for the Royal Marine Commando Challenge in October - look it up, it looks like hell! I've also taken on a new voluntary position. All this in 2 weeks!  And being smoke free seems like the most natural thing in the world.

Thank you so much for the help. Feel free to use this as a reference for your service and I wish you the best of luck. I might be back for a confidence boost before the Commando challenge!

Cheers again Dave and all the best.


Hi Dave,

I came to see you a week or so ago regarding panic attacks. Well I am really pleased to tell you that I am lots lots better. I do not have the panic attacks now, at times I do still feel a little bit flustered but nowhere near how I did feel. I am certain your treatment worked for me.

Thank you very much indeed for your help and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Take care, best regards.



I came to you with a serious problem; interacting with people, and my personal and work life had been stalled for a number of years due to this issue.

Within just one week of finishing my sessions (4 sessions during January) with you, I had been to Manchester to visit a college course and had several interviews for a job lined up. I felt like a lot of weight had been lifted from my shoulders and now feel like a new person!

I have gone from not wanting to leave the house and being extremely uncomfortable around people to working full time and looking forward to starting a course in Audio Engineering in September. I would never have been able to work or be looking ahead to living in Manchester for two years without having been to your sessions.

I have left you with not only a new start to life, but many valuable lessons and techniques that I am very sure will stick with me forever.

Many thanks!


Hi Dave!

I saw you on Thursday last week (five days ago)! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Since then I have lost 3lbs!  I never really think about food anymore - since the session I have gone from a 'live to eat' person to an 'eat to live'. I still enjoy my food - but only 3 times a day and I have no inclination whatsoever to snack on anything! Not only that but I am really energetic and actually want to exercise - the other morning I got up and went for a run like it was the most natural thing in the world to me.

The best thing is that I AM NOT ON A DIET! I'm just in tune with what my body actually does or does not need. Also - the way I think about myself is so different. I find it really difficult to tell people that I used to think of myself as the 'fat bubbly one', because I just don't believe that anymore. It was hard and unnatural for me to even write it in the email then!

I've recommended you to practically everyone I know!

Thank you so so so so so so so much!

"H" (a thinner one than you saw last week!)


Hi Dave

I am writing this message to thank you.

I came to you because I was TERRIFIED of having blood tests. In the days preceding a blood test I would be constantly worried and on the day of the test I just got worse. I would sit in the nurse's chair and physically shake, so much so that the nurse would ask if I could go on. I would then wriggle and writhe whilst she tried to take my blood. Afterwards I would spend a good few minutes recovering with a glass of water. I was a nervous wreck!

After our session, I calmly waited for nearly 2 weeks for my blood test, no panic at all. On the day of the test I still felt great. I walked into the nurse's room and sat down and started chatting to the nurse, who was well aware of my previous fears. (At this point I did not tell her I had seen a hypnotherapist). I let her carry on and take my blood. I did not shake at all and was in no way frightened. I was perfectly calm afterwards.

When she had finished she remarked on the complete difference between the last blood test I had about a month previous. I then told her I had been to see you. She was very impressed with the difference, as was I.

I cannot thank you enough.

Please feel free to publish this email anywhere you like.

Many Thanks.


Hi Dave,

I had been a smoker for almost 40 years & was now wanting to give up the habit. I made an appointment to see you for a smoking cessation session in March 2006. From leaving your office until now, which is a month later, I have not touched a cigarette nor felt like one. I am so happy as are my family. I am now a non-smoker & it makes me feel so good.


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